Many wheel options are available.  What do you need? 

Top shelf folds away for large products. 

Easy Nesting  

Available with Powder Coat Paint for in store use. 

Shopping Carts


Designed and built to handle delicate plants in a garden center yet sturdy enough to handle large blocks and heavy bags as well.


Sturdy galvanized cart designed to handle your garden center environment.

Two layers to handle twice the product of a wagon.

Easy to maneuver around a crowded garden center.


25" wide for tight spaces

40" height for easy handling

36.6" long for easy turning

Easy nesting for saving space / storage

Heavy guage steel construction

Hot Dip galvanizing over steel


Custom Colour Paint

Many wheel options - What do you need?

Your business name on the handle

Standard Sizes

25" W x 40" H x 36.6" L

Load Limits

80 pounds (35 kg) top shelf

600 pounds (260 kg) total

Value Pricing

This cart helps make the shopping experience in your garden center the best for your customer.  Easy loading and unloading and lots of space for product, means more potential for sales.  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

For a price delivered to your door please contact us.