22" x 59" Rack with Solid Sheet Steel Shelves.  Versitile and strong. 

              Colson Series 4 Casters - 2" by 5" with lock option.  Over 400 wheel options are available.  You can expect a 10 year life with Colson Casters  

Solid Sheet Steel Shelf

                                                                        Solid Sheet Steel Shelves 

                                                                     Hai My Steel Wire Grid Shelves 

Standard paint option images - Please be advised that theses samples are taken from the paint manufacture's images.  How your computer displays these images will differ from the finished painted product.  The best match is with a painted sample to evaluate the surface of material and lighting conditions.  RAL Codes (Universal codes used by paint producers) are viewable by hovering your mouse over the shade.  Custom shades are available.

                                                                      Expanded Metal Shelves 

    Tow Pin can be made to pass through base to avoid water accumulation and eventual corrosion. 

                             Standard hitch and pin.  The "Y" shaped hitch will lock in a vertical position. 

                                Tow package with triangle hitch and "C" shaped pin are available.

                                                     Spring loaded hitches are an available option. 

Hook In Shelf Rack - Medium Duty

The most efficient and cost effective way to move merchandise.



Reduce or eliminate the expensive cost of packaging with boxes.  This also reduces physical strain on your staff members by minimizing material handling. 

You control the presentation of your product to the end user.  Your team merchandises the rack for best impact.  Our team can colour coordinate your rack for high sales impact. 

Retailer's work load is reduced in product handling, restocking and merchandising.


 Standard Features

Post Steel Thickness 2.3 mm

Hot Dip Galvanizing over steel

2" x 5" Series 4 Colson Casters (standard; 2 fixed, 2 swivel)

Quick assembly

Easily disassembled for return shipping

Compact storage when empty

Tow Package (Standard hitch and pin shown in pictures on left side, "Y" shaped.)

Adjustable shelves


Shelves and base available in:

     Steel Wire Grid - 2 options

     Solid Sheet Steel

     Expanded Metal

Custom Colour Paint

Name plates

RFID tags

Shelf height markers on posts

Fork Lift Guides

Post Heights (standard are 72", 77" or 81", custom lengths are welcome on large orders)

Number of shelves per rack is customizable.


Standard Sizes

22" x 53"

22" x 59" 

24" x 67" 

26" x 68"

Other common Sizes

22" x 63 1/2"

31" x 44"

44" x 44"

40" x 48"

and 44" x 46"


Custom sizes are available on large orders.


Load Limits

80 pounds (35 kg) per shelf

200 pounds (90 kg) per Hai My steel wire grid shelf

2200 pounds (1000 kg) per rack


Value pricing:

Great price point for a multiple use rack. Works well in high moisture situations and for moderate sized loads.  This rack is not recommended when there is a high risk rack loss or for loads over 2200 pounds (1000 Kg).


For a price delivered to your door please contact us.