Pallet Dollie with handle and tow package.  This model has a solid sheet steel base.

Handle and hitch fold away for easy stacking. 

Wire Grid base without tow package option

Pallet Dollies

The efficient way to move pallets on flat surfaces without the use of pallet jacks.


Move one pallet by hand or ten in a train.  Reduces fuel use rather than moving single pallets with a fork lift.


40" x 48" Hot Dip Galvanizing over Steel

Folding Handle

Tow Package


Stainless Steel is available

Solid Sheet Steel Base

Wire Grid Base

Wheels will be chosen according to your load requirements and floor type.  Many types of wheels are available from Cast Iron to Pneumatic.  Over 400 wheel options.


Standard Size

42" x 50"


Custom sizes are available on large orders.

Load Limits

2200 pounds (1000 kg) per dollie

Value Pricing

This product is best for high volume warehouses.

For a price delivered to your door please contact us.