Maya Garden

In 2010 Hai My Industries built a 3-hectare greenhouse in the tourist area of beautiful Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, a centre for sylva-culture and horticulture in Vietnam (information about the province on:  Hai My will increase its greenhouses area to 50 hectares over the next 3 years to supply the needs of the local markets and the neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia.

Hai My Industries established a supply centre for structures, equipment, irrigation systems, fertilizers and nutrition to the greenhouse, sylva-culture and horticulture industries in Vietnam.  Hai My invites manufacturers of these products to create synergy in business development for the Vietnam and Southeast Asian markets.

With moderate weather all year round and the low labour cost at its greenhouse location, Hai My can also help its partners in North American save their costs by growing plants, vegetables and fruits on their behalf and export to any market around the world.  Propagation agreements would improve assortments, add exotic varieties and increase profitability for the right partners. 

Our mission at Maya Garden is two fold, maximize yeilds with improved technology and diversify crops to increase the variety of locally grown produce.  We do this by sourcing the latest growing technologies, most modern equipment and highest quality inputs.

Below are some of our recently completed projects and some of their results.


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