40" x 48" 3D shipping pallet with plastic polyratan shelves. 

40" x 48" 3D shipping rack with solid sheet steel shelves and Pallet brace. 

Close up shot of Pallet brace 

Poly Ratan - Plastic shelves add the third dimension to your pallet and add only a small weight to your shipment.  The plastic shelves also drain well and are easily cleaned and sanitized. 

Pallet Racks

Turn your pallet into a shiper's dream.  Use your existing pallets, we provide the rest.  Your team simply puts the pieces together.  The most cost effective shipping solution available dollar for dollar.


Increase the piece count per pallet.

Maximize the space in the truck.

Reduce fuel costs by making fewer trips.



Powder Coat Paint over Steel


Hot Dip Galvanize over Steel

Wire grid , solid sheet steel or Plastic polyratan shelves

Pallet Brace


Standard Size

40" x 48" x 60"

Custom sizes are available on large orders.

Load Limits

2200 pounds (1000 kg) per pallet

100 kg per shelf (5 Shelves maximum at 100 kg)

Value pricing

Using these racks in your shipping department will reduce fuel costs, increase product movement, and at a small cost to you.  With repeat use, they easily pay for themselves.  This shipping option is so economical that even if the rack isn't returned, it will save you money when compared to shipping one unstacked pallet at a time.

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